51′ Genoa International Nautical Showroom 2011

This year as never before insiders experts eyes are stared at the 51 Genoa International Nautical Showroom, because, as if that were not enough the unsteady worldwide economic situation which has not saved this sector, and the echo of the sales outcomes settled in the Cannes Showroom since a little while is concerning the International and Italian nautical world.

The premises suggested by the side of the organizers are certainly full of excellent intentions, indeed, beyond the classical nautical exposition in quay and inside the pavillions, this year’s edition has been embellished from a turn of “extra exposition” cultural artistic, fashion and entertainment night day events which have enlived the city at the same time of 82 side events among conventions, debates, exhibitions and lecturers.

The feeling in the air among the showroom stands and quays is not one of the best, as a matter of fact if in a certain way last year the economic collapse was able to be disguised, this year it can be seen to the naked eye.

The showroom on its side tries to respond with 1300 exhibitings and over 450 patterns as far as it concern the boats, however bearing in mind that the 60% of the exhibition involves the small boat sector. Hard times also for the megayacht builder (24 metres above) even if the real facts gather that paradoxically, this category is the one which resists to the current economic circumstances, this thanks to the reality that the export represents over 2/3 of the national output. The boat sector comes 5th among the  Made in Italy areas, the result is that unfortunately is lacking in the customer support within the boundaries.

Neverthless the luxurious megayacht set out by the shopbuilders from Viareggio in the 51st edition meet with approvals and aim at the quality and the design, trying to be detached from the foreign competitors and be ready and up to date at the moment of the awaited economic raise of this sector.

Falling back to the figures in 2011, the Genoa Nautical Showroom welcomed about 450 boats (200 less than 2010 ),1300 exhibitings (rumors talk about 30% less than 2010) and, the usual visitors of this exhibition will not have made any effort to realize how  the exposition in quay area has been noticeably reduced and reorganized trying to plug a hole made from the ones who have preferred to save fuel to shore to Genoa this year.

The Organizer’s report is positive, and they refer that also for this year the Nautical Showroom has been classified at the world heights of quality and completeness and they face at the sensitive attendance decrease as unvoidable and physiological collapse later balanced by the several initiatives and by the multiple extra salone events.

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