New building

ATS L.L.C. realizes fluid and gas ship systems in the ship sector. We are specialized in the construction of yacht, we realize:

  • low, medium and high pressure hoses systems
  • hoses systems for chemical plants
  • hoses systems for gas, liquid tran sport
  • hoses systems for gas – break
  • air conditioning systems
  • fire alarm systems
  • hoses for the water transport of drinkable water

ATS L.L.C. realizing the importance of the construction projects of the new ship, it has created a specific activity department inside its structure aimed at the realizazion of huge work specific for this kind of work.

The company relies on its staff specialized in the realization of the new buildings, activities where the knowledge of its craft is not the only variable to realize a successful product, but the quality and professional attitudes are important and guarantee to the commitee the good result of the product in collective and absolut terms.

Indeed, the ability of relating with other companies which take part to the project (e.g. carpenters, fitters, electricians, etc), the capacity of overtaking the board ship problems studying  them directly through the solutions with the working companies (with the commitee supervision and respecting the roles) and the capacity to introduce a trustworthy and studied plan of production both following the logic of the construction and taking care of the productive need of anyone is cooperating with the project, is on the basis of an excellent result.

Our technical office cooperate directly with the committee, providing, if required, a useful help to the overtaking of the problems that can be met during the work in progress.

ATS L.L.C is always able to provide a practicable alternative and in step with the customer availing itself of the gained experience in the new construction field.

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