Yacht plumbing supply, Versilia - Provision of plumbing and ship materials Viareggio


Provision of plumbing


Moreover ATS L.L.C. offers to all its customers a provision of plumbing materials for all the plumbing items on board such us:

  • Brass fittings
  • pvc
  • multilayered
  • aquatherm
  • climatherm
  • stainless steel
  • carbon steel
  • insulating material Armaflex
  • restablishment flange and kit for slight emergency interventios
  • kit nozzles
  • manometres and valves
  • zinc for hot-water heater

Thanks to a consolidate partnerships with established compagnie in the sector, ATS L.L.C can also guarantee a service of assistance/mainteinance and revision of pump board, we realize a careful revision od the mechanic valves with hygien of the single components and, if necessary, we also provide both a service of valves on board repairing and varnishing and the filtres ones..


Adding to our services the provision of plumbing material ATS L.L.C wants to mantain complete its offer to be able to satisfy the customer needs,


keeping itself anyhow on the very high quality standards, but with the proposals of absolutely competitive prices.


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