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Ship Pneumatic Systems

When we think about the work of hydraulic realization, we tend to think exclusively to hoses necessary to bring the flow of the water across the different uses.

The real thing is that ATS L.L.C. projects, builds and installs hydraulic and pneumatic lines.

The pneumatic systems are very important in the realization of the plant system of a yacht. 

this because alco the compressed air play several and important functions on board.

It is enough to think that in most boats the minumum valves of the motor draining are played in electropneumatic procedure (an electric impulse matched to the compressed air press), even like the valves destined to regulate the pouring off of the gasoil, the quick links placed in the bridges for the washing of the boat and the inflation of the fender rather than the same function of the emergency siren depends from the pneumatic line.

Adding the supply of hydraulic materials to our services ATS L.L.C wants to keep complete its offer to have the possibility of satisfy the customers needs,

keeping itself on very high quality levels proposing prices absolutely very competitive

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