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Civil industrial plumbing systems

Viareggio ATS L.L.C. realizes and installs civil industrials plumbing systems for livings, offices, warehouses and companies.

In its activity ATS aims at a reliable and undoubted longlast service, with a particular care for the planning of the plumbing system and for the choice of the assembling material.

The same professionalism is employed in the facing of the mainteinance of the lines of the piping,

….activity which plays an important role in the lasting and in the reliability in the time in all the parts of the risk of a common plumbing system civil or industrial, such as the holding of the joint rather than the correct functionality of the drained and so on.

We have free inspections to identify depending on the spaces and the environments, the best possible solutions, planning cooling systems both civil and industrial respecting the use’s need, for companies, local governments and private buildings.

In the civil and industrial branch, ATS is not limited at the construction of the simple plumbing systems, but our company is able to plan, build and install also fire alarm systems, pneumatic systems, and hydraulic systems.

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